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  • Character Wins!!

    A huge congratulations goes out to Coach Jed Hixson!! Last night the Grayson Rams had a big win over the Shiloh Generals, but they also clinched the 100th win for Coach Hixson!!!
    100 wins!!!! Such a great honor to see him in action week in and week out with these baseball guys! He is one of the most consistent and disciplined guys I know. He lives his life with very high character and is a great man of faith! He continues to prove that Character matters!

    Congratulations Coach Hixson! Go win 100 more!!
    Thank you for the opportunity to serve you guys and for letting NG3 be a part of your program.

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  • Character pays!

    I love this time of year! Winter sports are wrapping up in playoffs, spring sports have already begun, and it’s time to recognize stand-out athletes from last semester!
    Recently at the Football Banquet, we had the privilege of recognizing Kumi Sarpong for outstanding character, his commitment to his NG3 Huddle, and for serving his community through local service projects. Kumi will be leaving GHS soon, but his legacy and service will remain. We wait with expectation to see who will fill his shoes and “carry the torch.”
    This is just another reminder that being a person of high character truly pays! It was our honor to present Kumi Sarpong with this year’s NG3 College Scholarship through GHS football!

    To get involved with NG3 at Grayson, please contact Dustin Mattox at

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  • Special Times on Campus

    We can gain a lot of things in this world…but nothing compares to relationships that are built and the bonds that are formed over a lifetime. It’s going to be sad to say bye to another set of seniors this year! But while we still have time together, it sure is fun to celebrate these guys!! It’s playoff time with the football team, and I would love to see these guys go all the way! Because every extra week they get, means the relationships are bonded tighter. And NG3 gets to pour into them an extra week! Character, Community and Change is building up a new kind of man! I love these guys!





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  • Huddle is the Change!

    NG3 is Next Generation: Character.Community.Change.
    We call them our “3 C’s”. We have the high honor of helping lead character development on campus with several of the teams at Grayson High School! That’s “Character”. We get to invite these great athletes to get involved in their “Community” and serve! But the biggest part of what we do….is Huddle. That’s “Change.” It’s a weekly gathering of the same 10-12 student athletes that really learn to do life together. They open up and share with each other, then they get to pray for each other.
    This is such a big deal because we have had more huddles this year at Grayson than ever before. So excited about the impact these guys will have on their teams, in their homes and in the community. Together….We Are NG3!!

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  • I love the Grayson Community!

    We are blessed to be involved in such a great community! Grayson knows how to show up in support of the next generation. Through NG3, we are able to establish and maintain several mentor groups and character development programs through the sports. Last week, we were able to host a large fundraiser in downtown Grayson, the new Taste Of Grayson. The community really showed up and we were able to raise almost $5,000 for NG3 Grayson. This will help us do huddles and the ministry better, because of the generosity of the community. And because we focus all of our efforts towards the students of GHS, it will make them better as well!
    God Bless this great community and all who call it home!

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  • Huddle Kick Off With David Greene!

    Every year brings new opportunities and new challenges. And I love fresh starts!
    But what we are celebrating today is…our Huddles! This is what I look forward to every year. And this week, we launched more huddles than ever.
    And to help kick things off well, David Greene stopped by to challenge our football players with his personal stories of playing the great game of Football, and how much his Faith means to him.
    It was a great night, and we are looking forward to a great year!

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  • Fresh Start

    This is the best way to start a new year….have 30 of your closest friends gather together for a prayer in front of the school. Ok….not really friends, but that’s what made this so great. We had a bunch of people show up who didn’t really know each other, and gathered together to pray for our teachers, administration, parents and students. It was a great time! I love this community and looking forward to a great semester at Grayson High School!!

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  • Awesome Student Leaders!!

    Every school year at GHS, we launch another year of FCA huddle on campus. And every year we have such an amazing group of student leaders involved. This year was certainly no different! This morning at our last FCA huddle, our Seniors came down to give their final challenges to the underclassmen and share memorable moments.
    I would like to recognize, and brag, on Savannah Pilz! This young lady is an incredible leader in her generation! She has labored well for this group of leaders and has successfully led FCA through another great year on Campus. God bless you Savannah! I know big things are in store for you. I also want to recognize one of my huddle guys and continues to grow more and more in his faith and in his leadership…Aaron Brawley! Lately, he has spoken to more groups of students than I have. He shares his testimony and some encouraging, challenging thoughts for his generation. Brawley…you are strong, disciplined, godly young man! Can’t wait to see what happens in your future.
    To the rest of the seniors of 2017…my hat’s off to you! Well done and God Bless!


    (Senior FCA leaders)


    (Savannah Pilz, FCA Student President 2016-2017)


    (Aaron Brawley sharing his thoughts with about 75 students at FCA huddle)


    (This is an image that I will miss seeing for a few months. The traditional group circle prayer at the end of every on campus huddle! God Bless you students!)

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