Summer 2017

This summer has been a great time of serving, planning, family time and one amazing week in Tijuana Mexico. Over the past 2 months we have had 2 service projects, one led by Anita Carver, our girls basketball huddle leader and one by our football team. 27 girls and their head coach packed lunches for a local neighborhood through Anita’s church. While I took 8 footballl players to help clean out a house for Habitat for Humanity. We also met with our huddle group 4 times and made plans for the coming school.

I believe that this summer will be one that many of our huddle group kids will remember for the rest of their lives. Each summer, Mt Park Baptist does a summer retreat to Panama City Beach and they open it up to any student who wants to come. Last year we helped to encourage the football team to sign up and had 25 player go and love it, but this year, not only did they add to that number but many of the players came back changed. 40 players ended up going, which made up half of the total number of students who went, but I was told by my huddle guys that they were greatly impacted by their time there and want to continue to live their lives for the glory of God more then ever before. So, we have been working with the youth pastor, Kevin Lamb to help encourage students to be a part of a church community, weather it be Mt Park Baptist or another, and we are planning multiple huddle groups out of this amazing retreat. As of now we have 47 football players signed up and ready to join a huddle group!!! We have multiple huddle leaders and I’m very excited to see how this year goes with these groups and working together with Kevin.


Girls Basketball Service Project

Article by: Parkview Admin