What a Start!

Its great when the hard work of our kids pay off, and we are happy to say that we have started the season strong. These successes show how strong the Archer community is, and we love serving it. We are happy to announce a new huddle leader, Trey Hilderbrant, who is a campus pastor at Twelve Stone, Snellville. Tom Rau is also returning as a huddle leader for the football team, and the boys are excited to return to his weekly meetings. The boys love both of them, and they have a great heart for ministering to them. We are also excited about having our first girl huddle meeting every week with girls involved in different sports. On campus NG3 is meeting with around forty student leaders weekly, teaching leadership principles, and also allowing those students to practice and hone those skills. NG3 is looks forward to continuing to pour into and serve the Archer community even more in the future.

Article by: ng3admin