CHARACTER. Community. Change.

"Character is defined as the aggregate of features and traits that form the individual nature of some person or thing; also referred to as your reputation."

south-gwinnett-character-talk-smallCharacter is the first pillar on which NG3 stands. No matter the background, culture, or beliefs, every high school student athlete needs to know the importance of high moral character. NG3 offers character development programs at every school in which we currently serve. This program is led on campus and is available to the entire team working with NG3. There are certain boundaries associated with public schools, and NG3 knows, respects, and follows all guidelines. Unlike other faith-based groups, NG3 strives to connect with all students and impart the significance of doing what you say, serving others, and bringing change. We have worked hard to develop a character development packet that guides the message we share with our student athletes. You can see examples of this work in these images: