Huddle BonFire

We held our second huddle launch party with 6 of the 7 huddles represented. We wanted to gather all the groups together to encourage each of them to start the new school semester strong and as a reminder of their commitment to their leaders and group. We had a great time and part of that time was spend around the fire, where they were asked to write something down that they felt they should give up to get closer to God. Then each student took what they had written down and threw it in the fire. My hope was for each student to see how giving things up to God will help grow their relationship with him, and that it does take a little bit of sacrifice to get close to our savior. Our huddle groups are meeting weekly and even through many schedules have changed with winter sports and now spring sports starting, the students have been faithful and our leaders are working hard to ensure they meet each week. I have many students from each group weekly tell me how much they enjoy their huddle groups and some have made life changing decisions during their time in huddle. It is a space that many students don’t have and we are glad that we get the opportunity to create this space for them. I hope we can make more huddles for more students because we know it is needed and valuable!

A New Huddle Leader
We recently recruited a leader from New Mercies Church. Her name is Roshonda Boone, and she is the youth pastor at New Mercies. I am excited to see how God uses her with the track team this year and how we build relationships over this semester and hopefully years to come.


Article by: Parkview Admin