Huddle is the Change!

NG3 is Next Generation: Character.Community.Change.
We call them our “3 C’s”. We have the high honor of helping lead character development on campus with several of the teams at Grayson High School! That’s “Character”. We get to invite these great athletes to get involved in their “Community” and serve! But the biggest part of what we do….is Huddle. That’s “Change.” It’s a weekly gathering of the same 10-12 student athletes that really learn to do life together. They open up and share with each other, then they get to pray for each other.
This is such a big deal because we have had more huddles this year at Grayson than ever before. So excited about the impact these guys will have on their teams, in their homes and in the community. Together….We Are NG3!!

Article by: Grayson