For NG3, Volunteers are Key!

NG3 has continued to grow at Jimtown High School because of great volunteers and community involvement!

(On the left is John Contreras. John is one of our all-star volunteer Huddle Group leaders at Jimtown! On the right, is Jeff Frank. He and his wife Kim regularly host one of our six Huddle Groups at Jimtown.)

(Phillip Laws is doing a super job at leading his Jimtown Football Huddle Group. You can tell the boys enjoy their time together as well as Phil’s leadership as the group continues to grow with 10+ boys attending on a weekly basis.)

(Here is NG3 Jimtown Director Jason Thompson giving an NG3 talk to the Jimtown Baseball Team about the characteristics of great leaders and teammates. We are excited to be working with the Jimtown Baseball Team this spring!)

Article by: Jason Thompson